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more vpn servers

Singapore and Romania VPN Servers Now Available

Singapore and Romania OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard & ShadowSocks Servers now ...

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celo vpn support

Knowledge Base Make Over

We have re-done our knowledge base/support area.  We hope you ...

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celo vpn new website

Welcome to our new look

We hope you like our new design.  Majority of pages ...

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The Haystack – Investigation into surveillance in the UK and the Investigatory Powers

The Haystack documentary, is a real life investigation into 21st ...

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Ten Steps To Close Down an Open Society

After we were hit on September 11 2001, we were ...

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Dark web hacking forum hacked and members privates exposed

In a deliciously ironic turn, the dark web hacking forum ...

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The FBI is working hard to keep you unsafe

Did you know that the US government is sitting on ...

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The Senate’s Draft Encryption Bill Is ‘Ludicrous, Dangerous, Technically Illiterate’

A long-awaited Senate Intelligence Committee encryption bill would force companies ...

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The FBI is telling senators how it hacked San Bernardino iPhone

The FBI isn’t keeping its new iPhone attack secret from ...

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