What details are required to sign up?

The only details we require from you are a valid working email address (to communicate with), VPN username and a password. First and Last name are optional which can be anything. If payment method is Credit Card, we will require you to enter in your full postal address.

I Just signed up, what now?

You should receive an email from us, with links on how to get yourself connected along with other important information about our service. If you do not see the email, please check the junk folder.

How do i view/change my vpn username, password & other details

Login to our client area with your email address and password. From here you can view/change your vpn username, password, view/change your details and upgrade your plan

How do i start using my vpn account?

Visit our support section for our how to guides get yourself setup. To log into the VPN server, use the VPN username you created at signup (not your email address) and password.

Which VPN Protocol Should I be using?

We highly recommend using the OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN is compatible on all Operating Systems and devices

What do we log and what data do we keep?

The date and time you logged into the client area. Trial accounts will be delete after 10 days. Any accounts with outstanding invoices will also be deleted after 10 days

My Account Status Still Shows As Pending/Not Active

Your VPN account is fully operational & active when it shows as pending in client area. You can use our VPN services immediately! The status will change once our site admins log on

I keep getting Authentication failed

You are getting this message because you are using the incorrect details.  Please be sure to use your VPN username (not your email) and password when connecting to the servers.  If you are using the correct details, reset your password.  You can do this from the client area. If this still fails after a reset, please log a support ticket

Is Apple TV supported?

Apple TV is supported. In order for Apple TV to be connected to the VPN, you will need setup VPN at the router level. Please visit our knowledge base for more info about setting up VPN on a router

10 Day Money Back

We offer a 10 day money back guarantee.  If for whatever reason you are unhappy with our service or have troubles getting the service to work, we will refund you no questions asked within 10 days of signing up.

US & UK Streaming Services

We have specific US & UK streaming servers for tv/movie content.  These servers are built into our OpenVPN client.

Experiencing Slow Speeds

Please take a look at our Slow Speeds article

How Do I Cancel My Account/Service

You can cancel your account/service from within the client area . 

Click on Services > Your Plan/Subscription > Cancel