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How to Install Celo VPN Windows Client

If you have a previous versions of OpenVPN installed, please un-install before continuing with the steps below.
1. Download the OpenVPN Windows Client from - HERE
2. On your computer, navigate to the location where the downloaded file is (eg Downloads folder)
3. Double click on celovpn.exe file 

NOTE: If Virus Scanner/Windows Defender pick up the .exe, please allow/exclude it

Click on Install
celo openvpn windows install

5. Once install has finished, double click on Celo VPN icon on your desktop
6. Enter in your VPN username (not your email) and password
openvpn celo app username and password

7. Click on the Server/Location Name or Flag icon to change server and port
openvpn celo app server location

8. From the list Select a server/location and a port then click Connect
openvpn celo app server location port connect

The Celo globe icon in your taskbar will change to green to show you are connected
celo openvpn windows connected


To return to the previous screen within the Celo app, click the Celo icon in the top left corner
 celo openvpn windows go back return

* To bring up the main screen/window of the Celo app, right click the Celo globe icon > Status
celo openvpn status

If you need to change credentials, right click on the Celo icon in the task bar > Log Out
celo openvpn windows logout

A good way to check your system for DNS leaks, visit DNS TEST LEAK and click on "Extended Test" This should show you a different IP to what you really have and different DNS servers

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