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How to configure and connect to OpenVPN on iOS

TIP: You can download the openvpn profiles zip file to your computer (link below) > extract it and email the profiles you want to yourself.  Jump to step 7 if you choose to do this

 Go to the App Store >  Download/Install OpenVPN Connect application
2. Download the iOS OpenVPN server profiles from HERE.
3. Tap on More > Save To Files > Select iCloud Drive > Add
ios openvpn moreios openvpn save to fileios openvpn icloud drive

Open up the Files App > iCloud Drive > Select the .ZIP you downloaded and saved and above
5. Tap on Preview Content
ios openvpn preview zip

Tap on the 
icon (bottom or top right) and scroll through the list.  Tap on the profile you would like import
7. Tap on ios share icon > Copy to OpenVPN
ios openvpn open with openvpn connect

Tap on Add

ios openvpn add profile

7. Enter in a title for the profile (can be anything you like)
    - Enter in your VPN User Name (not your email)
    Tap "Save password" and enter in your password
    - Tap Add in the top right once done

ios openvpn import and edit profile
8. Tap on the slider to connect and disconnect
ios openvpn connect

Repeat the above steps to add multiple servers into the OpenVPN App
NOTE: You will find that when your phone locks, OpenVPN will disconnect/sleep/pause.  This is totally normal as its designed to conserve battery


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