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1. Pull down the notication bar > Tap on the Settings Icon
Android 7.0 Settings Button

2. Tap on Connections
 Android 7.0 Settings Screen
3. Tap on More Connections
Android 7.0 Connections
4. Tap on VPN then Add (top right corner)
Android 7.0 More Connections

5. Enter in a name for the connection (can be anything).
6. Change Type to L2TP/IPSec PSK.  
7. Enter in a L2TP server name - Server list HERE
8. Enter IPSec Pre-Shared Key = celol2tp
9. Enter in your VPN username (not your email) and password
10. Tap on Save
Android 7.0 VPN Screen

NOTE: If you want the VPN connection to be always on, tap on the three dots/menu button in the VPN section and select the option from the menu.  If you choose to do "awlays on" you will need to enter in the IP of L2TP/IPSec server.

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