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Synology OpenVPN Setup

 Download our NAS Configs files from HERE
Extract/Uncompress the .ZIP file somewhere on your computer

Log into your Syngology > Open Control Panel > Network

Synology Control Panel Network

4. Click on Interface > Create > Create VPN Profile

Synology Network Interface

5. Select OpenVPN (via importing a .ovpn file) > Next
Synology OpenVPN Screen

Enter in a name for the connection you are setting up (can be anything).  Your VPN username (not your email) and your password.
- Import .ovpn file - Click the Browse button and choose an .OVPN file from one of the Location folders you want to setup (The folder from Step 2)
- CA certificate - Click Browse and select the .CRT file

- Click Advanced Options
- TLS-auth key - Click Browse and select the .KEY file

synology openvpn details
synology openvpn tls-auth

Select the 2 below options > Apply
Synology OpenVPN Advanced

In the list select the VPN connection/interface and hit Connect
Synology OpenVPN Connection Status

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