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NOTE:  To get the password, please log a support ticket.  A different password is generated for each user.  If you would like to connect to another port other than 443 (eg 5670 etc), please specify this in your support ticket

Download and install ShadowSocks from the Google Play Store
android shadowsocks play store
2. Open ShadowSocks > Tap on + icon (top right) > Manually Settings
android shadowsocks manual setup

3. Enter in the server name and portEncrypt Method = AES-256-CFB
android shadowsocks profile config

4. Set Route to ALL and DNS Forwarding ON.  The rest can be default or change as needed
android shadowsocks feature settings

5. Once settings are done, save the profile by tapping on the TICK top right corner.

To connect to the server, tap on the paper aeroplane icon.  It should turn green once it has connected sucessfully
android shadowsocks connected

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