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NOTE:  To get the password, please log a support ticket.  A different password is generated for each user.  If you would like to connect to another port other than 443 (eg 5670 etc), please specify this in your support ticket

1. Download ShadowSocks for Windows from HERE
2. Extract/Unpack the .ZIP file you downloaded
3. Right click on shadowsocks.exe > Run as administrator
windows shadowsocks run as admin

4. In the Edit Servers window.  Enter in the server name > port and your generated password.  
Encryption should be AES-256-CFB.  
Click Add, then Ok to close and save settings.
windows shadowsocks server config

To turn on/enable shadowsocks, right click on the shadowsocks icon in your task bar (near your date and time) > Enable System Proxy.  

windows shadowsocks enable
The Shadowsocks icon will turn white to show that it is on/enabled
windows shadowsocks enabled icon

6. Go to your web browsers proxy settings (Firefox proxy settings are shown below).  Set your settings to be like below
Now all your browser traffic will be going via the ShadowSocks Server
windows shadowsocks browser proxy config

To Turn off/Disable Shadowsocks.  Right click on the Shadowsocks icon and click on Enable System Proxy
windows shadowsocks disable

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