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NOTE:  To get the password, please log a support ticket.  A different password is generated for each user.  If you would like to connect to another port other than 443 (eg 5670 etc), please specify this in your support ticket

1. Download Shadowsocks for macOS from HERE
Extract the .ZIP file
Move the ShadowsocksX-NG to the applications folder
Go to your applications and launch Shadowssocks-NG

shadowsocks macos applications folder

If you get a security warning, click on Open
shadowsocks macos security warning

Right click on the shadowsocks icon > servers > server preferences
shadowsocks macos server preferences

Enter in the server name, port, password and a name
shadowsocks macos server settings

7. Enable Shadowsocks, right click > Turn Shadowsocks On
shadowsocks macos turn on

NOTE: If you find shadowsocks connects but does not do anything.  Turn off/close any other VPN/Proxy application you have install for eg OpenvPN, etc

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